Current Reviews

Julie & Julia***
Funny People***
Public Enemies**
My Sister's Keeper** 1/2
Away We Go****
Rudo y Cursi*** 1/2
Angels & Demons** 1/2
The Soloist**
Is Anybody There?** 1/2
The Great Buck Howard*** 1/2
Sunshine Cleaning** 1/2
He's Just Not That Into You** 1/2
The Curious Case of Benjamin Button*** 1/2
The Reader*** 1/2
Seven Pounds** 1/2
Revolutionary Road*** 1/2
Gran Torino* 1/2
Slumdog Millionaire****
Quantum of Solace***
I've Loved You So Long*** 1/2
The Secret Life of Bees** 1/2
Happy-Go-Lucky*** 1/2
Rachel Getting Married****
The Duchess** 1/2
Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist** 1/2
Flash of Genius***
Miracle at St. Anna**
Choke*** 1/2
Lakeview Terrace*** 1/2
The Women**
Burn After Reading*** 1/2
I Served the King of England***
Tropic Thunder*** 1/2
Bottle Shock***
Pineapple Express** 1/2
Man on Wire****
The Dark Knight***
Mamma Mia!***
Tell No One*** 1/2
WALL-E*** 1/2
Hancock*** 1/2
Brick Lane***
When Did You Last See Your Father?***
The Children of Huang Shi* 1/2
The Fall**
Sex and the City** 1/2
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull** 1/2
Snow Angels*** 1/2
Flawless*** 1/2
Run Fatboy Run** 1/2
Married Life***
Funny Games*** 1/2
The Counterfeiters*** 1/2
Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day***
City of Men**
The Band's Visit*** 1/2
Charlie Bartlett**
Vantage Point*** 1/2
Be Kind Rewind** 1/2
4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days****
27 Dresses** 1/2
The Bucket List*
The Orphanage****
There Will Be Blood****
The Great Debaters*** 1/2
The Savages***
Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street**
Atonement*** 1/2
The Kite Runner***
The Golden Compass***
This Christmas*** 1/2
Margot at the Wedding***
I'm Not There***
No Country for Old Men****
The Martian Child**
American Gangster** 1/2
Lars and the Real Girl*** 1/2
Things We Lost in the Fire**
Sleuth** 1/2
Reservation Road** 1/2
My Kid Could Paint That***
Lust, Caution***
Gone Baby Gone***
Into the Wild****
The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford*** 1/2
Michael Clayton*** 1/2
The Jane Austen Book Club*** 1/2
In the Shadow of the Moon****
Across the Universe***
Eastern Promises*** 1/2
Deep Water****
3:10 to Yuma****
The Nanny Diaries* 1/2
No End in Sight*** 1/2
Stardust** 1/2
Becoming Jane** 1/2
The Bourne Ultimatum*** 1/2
My Best Friend***
Sunshine* 1/2
Interview*** 1/2
Introducing the Dwights***
Evening** 1/2
A Mighty Heart** 1/2
La Vie En Rose***
Paprika*** 1/2
Ocean's Thirteen***
Knocked Up** 1/2
Once*** 1/2
Paris, Je T'aime***
Fay Grim**
The Ex***
Georgia Rule*
Spider-Man 3** 1/2
The Condemned*
The Wind that Shakes the Barley***
After the Wedding***
First Snow** 1/2
Into Great Silence*** 1/2
Hot Fuzz***
Black Book***
The Lookout*** 1/2
Shooter** 1/2
Reign Over Me***
The Host***
Zodiac*** 1/2
Black Snake Moan* 1/2
Days of Glory** 1/2
Amazing Grace** 1/2
Factory Girl**
Music and Lyrics***
The Lives of Others****
Seraphim Falls**
Venus** 1/2
Smokin' Aces**
Pan's Labyrinth*** 1/2
Notes on a Scandal*** 1/2
The Painted Veil***
We are Marshall** 1/2
Volver** 1/2
Rocky Balboa*** 1/2
The Pursuit of Happyness***
Blood Diamond***
For Your Consideration** 1/2
Fur: An Imaginary Portrait of Diane Arbus***
Casino Royale*** 1/2
A Good Year**
Stranger Than Fiction**
Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan*** 1/2
Driving Lessons***
Catch a Fire** 1/2
The Bridge***
Little Children****
The Queen****
Infamous*** 1/2
The U.S. vs. John Lennon***
Jesus Camp*** 1/2
The Guardian** 1/2
All the King's Men* 1/2
The Last Kiss**
Black Dahlia***
Riding Alone for Thousands of Miles** 1/2
Half Nelson****
Heading South***
Idlewild*** 1/2
Trust the Man**
Factotum** 1/2
Snakes on a Plane***
Boynton Beach Club***
The Illusionist***
Quinceanera** 1/2
World Trade Center**
The Descent***
Night Listener*** 1/2
Little Miss Sunshine***
Miami Vice*
Lady in the Water**
Clerks II***
You, Me and Dupree**
A Prairie Home Companion** 1/2
The Omen***
Who Killed the Electric Car?***
An Inconvenient Truth*** 1/2
Sketches of Frank Gehry*** 1/2
X-Men: The Last Stand** 1/2
Down in the Valley**
Poseidon** 1/2
The Lost City** 1/2
The Promise**
Hard Candy***
United 93****
Akeelah and the Bee**
The Sentinel***
American Dreamz**
The Notorious Bettie Page***
L'Enfant** 1/2
The Devil and Daniel Johnston***
Take the Lead** 1/2
Friends with Money*** 1/2
Basic Instinct 2* 1/2
Inside Man***
Duck Season*** 1/2
Thank You for Smoking*** 1/2
CSA: Confederate States of America*** 1/2
Tsotsi** 1/2
The Zodiac**
Ask the Dust*
Joyeux Noel***
Failure to Launch* 1/2
Why We Fight***
Dave Chappelle's Block Party*** 1/2
Running Scared** 1/2
Tristram Shandy: A Cock & Bull Story*** 1/2
Firewall* 1/2
A Good Woman***
The World's Fastest Indian***
Cache*** 1/2
Transamerica*** 1/2
The Matador***
Nanny McPhee***
The White Countess** 1/2
The New World***
Mrs. Henderson Presents**
Hoodwinked* 1/2
Rumor Has It** 1/2
Breakfast on Pluto** 1/2
The Family Stone***
Memoirs of a Geisha** 1/2
Brokeback Mountain****
The Ice Harvest** 1/2
The Dying Gaul***
Pride & Prejudice*** 1/2
Bee Season***
The Squid and the Whale*** 1/2
The Californians**
Nine Lives*** 1/2
Where the Truth Lies* 1/2
Paradise Now***
Prime** 1/2
Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story**
The War Within*** 1/2
Innocent Voices***
Elizabethtown* 1/2
Separate Lies** 1/2
In Her Shoes***
Everything is Illuminated***
A History of Violence*** 1/2
The Prize Winner of Defiance, Ohio*** 1/2
The Greatest Game Ever Played***
Tim Burton's Corpse Bride*** 1/2
Proof*** 1/2
El Crimen Perfecto***
The Baxter**
An Unfinished Life** 1/2
The Memory of a Killer***
The Exorcism of Emily Rose***
The Constant Gardener*** 1/2
2046*** 1/2
Red Eye***
The Skeleton Key**
The Aristocrats*** 1/2
Grizzly Man*** 1/2
The Great Raid**
Broken Flowers****
Junebug*** 1/2
The Edukators*** 1/2
The Dukes of Hazzard**
Must Love Dogs** 1/2
Murderball*** 1/2
The Beautiful Country** 1/2
Hustle & Flow***
Happy Endings***
Wedding Crashers***
Me and You and Everyone We Know**
The Beat That My Heart Skipped***
Dark Water** 1/2
Howl's Moving Castle*** 1/2
Batman Begins*** 1/2
My Summer of Love*** 1/2
Heights*** 1/2
Apres Vous***
The Adventures of Shark Boy & Lava Girl in 3-D*
March of the Penguins****
Rock School**
Cinderella Man***
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants***
Mad Hot Ballroom*** 1/2
Madagascar** 1/2
Star Wars: Episode III -- Revenge of the Sith***
Layer Cake****
Mindhunters** 1/2
Ladies in Lavender***
Palindromes** 1/2
Kingdom of Heaven**
It's All Gone Pete Tong** 1/2
Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room*** 1/2
House of D**
The Interpreter**
Winter Solstice***
Kung Fu Hustle****
A Lot Like Love** 1/2
Oldboy*** 1/2
Dust to Glory*** 1/2
Sin City***
The Ballad of Jack & Rose*** 1/2
Off the Map***
Melinda and Melinda***
Up and Down*** 1/2
The Upside of Anger*** 1/2
In My Country*
Gunner Palace***
Dear Frankie*** 1/2
The Pacifier*
The Jacket***
Imaginary Heroes**
Nobody Knows*** 1/2
The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill***
Her Majesty**
Hitch** 1/2
Born into Brothels***
Ong-Bak: The Thai Warrior*** 1/2
The Wedding Date**
Travellers & Magicians***
Hide And Seek*
A Love Song for Bobby Long* 1/2
Are We There Yet?**
The Merchant of Venice***
In Good Company***
Million Dollar Baby****
The Assassination of Richard Nixon***
In the Realms of the Unreal*** 1/2
Beyond the Sea**
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou** 1/2
The Aviator***
A Very Long Engagement*** 1/2
The Phantom of the Opera**
The Sea Inside*** 1/2
Ocean's Twelve** 1/2
Closer*** 1/2
Kinsey*** 1/2
The Machinist***
Callas Forever**
The Snow Walker***
Finding Neverland***
After the Sunset**
The Polar Express*** 1/2
Enduring Love*** 1/2
The Incredibles***
Being Julia*** 1/2
The Grudge**
Vera Drake****
Around the Bend**
Remember Me, My Love***
Team America: World Police***
Stage Beauty***
Red Lights***
Friday Night Lights*** 1/2
I Heart Huckabees* 1/2
Going Upriver: The Long War of John Kerry***
Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence** 1/2
The Motorcycle Diaries*** 1/2
Head in the Clouds**
The Last Shot***
The Forgotten*** 1/2
A Dirty Shame** 1/2
Wimbledon** 1/2
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow***
Silver City***
Bright Young Things***
Vanity Fair***
Wicker Park**
Suspect Zero**
Mean Creek*** 1/2
She Hate Me**
The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi*** 1/2
Garden State***
Touch of Pink**
Collateral*** 1/2
Open Water***
Intimate Strangers** 1/2
The Village****
The Manchurian Candidate** 1/2
Festival Express***
A Home at the End of the World***
Zhou Yu's Train**
I, Robot** 1/2
Word Wars***
White Chicks*
The Notebook** 1/2
Fahrenheit 9/11*** 1/2
The Clearing***
Before Sunset*** 1/2
The Story of the Weeping Camel***
The Terminal***
Napoleon Dynamite*
Control Room***
The Stepford Wives*
The Corporation***
The Mother****
Metallica: Some Kind of Monster****
The Day After Tomorrow** 1/2
Coffee and Cigarettes**
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban*** 1/2
Shrek 2*** 1/2
Van Helsing* 1/2
Super Size Me*** 1/2
New York Minute***
I'm Not Scared*** 1/2
The Agronomist***
Laws of Attraction**
13 Going on 30***
Connie and Carla**
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter...and Spring*** 1/2
Kill Bill Volume 2*** 1/2
The United States of Leland**
The Prince & Me***
Goodbye, Lenin!*** 1/2
Never Die Alone***
Jersey Girl**
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind***
The Reckoning*** 1/2
Secret Window*** 1/2
Monsieur Ibrahim***
The Passion of the Christ**
Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights***
Against the Ropes** 1/2
The Dreamers* 1/2
Touching the Void****
The Perfect Score* 1/2
The Butterfly Effect**
Win a Date With Tad Hamilton!***
The Company***
Along Came Polly** 1/2
The Triplets of Belleville*** 1/2
Calendar Girls***
Mona Lisa Smile** 1/2
Cold Mountain***
Big Fish**
The Lord of the Rings, The Return of the King****
Stuck on You***
Gloomy Sunday*** 1/2
The Last Samurai**
Timeline* 1/2
My Flesh and Blood*** 1/2
In America** 1/2
The Missing**
21 Grams***
The Fog of War*** 1/2
Tupac, Resurrection***
Master and Commander, The Far Side of the World*** 1/2
Matrix Revolutions* 1/2
The Singing Detective**
Shattered Glass****
Love Actually*** 1/2
The Station Agent*** 1/2
Pieces of April****
Radio* 1/2
The Human Stain***
Runaway Jury*** 1/2
My Life Without Me***
Wonderland*** 1/2
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre***
Mystic River*** 1/2
Kill Bill, Volume 1***
The Holy Land** 1/2
Intolerable Cruelty*
Bubba Ho-Tep** 1/2
Good Boy!**
School of Rock*** 1/2
Out of Time*** 1/2
Secondhand Lions**
Lost in Translation****
Anything Else***
Under the Tuscan Sun**
Once Upon a Time in Mexico** 1/2
Matchstick Men** 1/2
Cabin Fever***
Step Into Liquid***
American Splendor*** 1/2
And Now Ladies and Gentlemen**
The Magdalene Sisters*** 1/2
Open Range**
Uptown Girls* 1/2
Dirty Pretty Things*** 1/2
Freaky Friday***
Lucia, Lucia**
Gigli* 1/2
Seabiscuit** 1/2
Chaos*** 1/2
How to Deal***
The Hulk***
Swimming Pool*** 1/2
Alex and Emma** 1/2
Whale Rider****
Hollywood Homicide*
Capturing the Friedmans****
Respiro*** 1/2
Jet Lag***
Together** 1/2
Finding Nemo****
Bruce Almighty**
Winged Migration*** 1/2
Spellbound*** 1/2
Down With Love***
Matrix Reloaded***
The Dancer Upstairs**
The Shape of Things***
Daddy Day Care**
X2 X-Men United** 1/2
The Lizzie McGuire Movie**
Raising Victor Vargas***
Identity*** 1/2
Better Luck Tomorrow***
Confidence*** 1/2
The Bread, My Sweet***
A Mighty Wind*** 1/2
Cowboy Bebop, The Movie***
Anger Management** 1/2
Nowhere in Africa*** 1/2
A Man Apart* 1/2
Bend It Like Beckham***
Phone Booth***
Open Hearts*** 1/2
Stone Reader*** 1/2
Willard** 1/2
Agent Cody Banks* 1/2
Irreversible*** 1/2
Tears of the Sun*
The Safety of Objects*** 1/2
Gerry*** 1/2
All The Real Girls**
Russian Ark***
Gods and Generals**
Dark Blue***
The Quiet American*** 1/2
Jungle Book 2* 1/2
City of God****
How to Lose A Guy in 10 Days***
The Recruit** 1/2
Max** 1/2
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind***
Just Married** 1/2
25th Hour*** 1/2
Nicholas Nickleby*** 1/2
Chicago*** 1/2
Rabbit-Proof Fence*** 1/2
Talk to Her****
Antwone Fisher* 1/2
The Wild Thornberrys Movie**
About Schmidt*** 1/2
Lord of the Rings, The Two Towers***
Maid in Manhattan***
Analyze That** 1/2
Standing in the Shadows of Motown***
Extreme Ops*
Solaris* 1/2
The Emperor's Club***
Interview with the Assassin***
Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets**
El Crimen de Padre Amaro**
Far From Heaven***
8 Mile** 1/2
Femme Fatale**
Roger Dodger*** 1/2
All or Nothing****
Real Women Have Curves** 1/2
Auto Focus*** 1/2
Punch-Drunk Love****
Merci Pour Le Chocolat** 1/2
Bowling for Columbine***
Bloody Sunday*** 1/2
Swept Away* 1/2
Tuck Everlasting**
The Rules of Attraction*
Red Dragon** 1/2
Das Experiment***
Moonlight Mile*** 1/2
Sweet Home Alabama***
The Four Feathers** 1/2
Miyazaki's Spirited Away****
Igby Goes Down**
One Hour Photo*** 1/2
Rivers and Tides*** 1/2
Mostly Martha** 1/2
Blue Crush** 1/2
24 Hour Party People**
The Kid Stays in the Picture****
Spy Kids 2, The Island of Lost Dreams* 1/2
Blood Work** 1/2
Signs** 1/2
Me Without You** 1/2
Full Frontal***
Read My Lips*** 1/2
K-19 The Widowmaker**
My Wife Is An Actress***
Lovely and Amazing***
The Piano Teacher***
Road to Perdition***
Reign of Fire**
Men in Black 2***
The Fast Runner (Atanarjuat)*** 1/2
The Powerpuff Girls Movie** 1/2
The Emperor's New Clothes*** 1/2
Sunshine State***
The Dangerous Lives of Altar Boys***
Minority Report****
The Bourne Identity*** 1/2
Lilo & Stitch*** 1/2
The Lady and the Duke**
The Believer*** 1/2
Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood***
13 Conversations About One Thing***
Undercover Brother** 1/2
The Sum of All Fears*** 1/2
Spirit - Stallion of the Cimarron***
About A Boy*** 1/2
Time Out*** 1/2
Star Wars Episode II - Attack of the Clones**
The Cat's Meow**
The Salton Sea** 1/2
Son of the Bride*** 1/2
New Best Friend*
Human Nature**
Amadeus, the Director's Cut***
Y Tu Mama Tambien****
Death to Smoochy***
Clockstoppers** 1/2
The Rookie**
Pauline and Paulette***
Ice Age*** 1/2
Showtime** 1/2
The Time Machine**
Monsoon Wedding*** 1/2
We Were Soldiers***
Crossroads* 1/2
Hart's War***
Return to Never Land**
Collateral Damage*
Dark Blue World***
A Walk to Remember***
I Am Sam** 1/2
Lantana*** 1/2
Black Hawk Down**
Orange County***
The Majestic* 1/2
The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring****
A Beautiful Mind***
The Royal Tenenbaums** 1/2
Not Another Teen Movie**
The Business of Strangers*** 1/2
Ocean's Eleven***
Behind Enemy Lines***
Sidwalks of New York**
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone***
Heist** 1/2
Shallow Hal** 1/2
The One* 1/2
Monsters, Inc.*** 1/2
Innocence*** 1/2
Thir13en Ghosts** 1/2
Life As A House****
Waking Life**
Riding in Cars With Boys** 1/2
Grateful Dawg***
From Hell**
My First Mister** 1/2
Iron Monkey***
Liam** 1/2
Joy Ride***
Training Day*** 1/2
Don't Say a Word***
Hearts in Atlantis** 1/2
Rock Star***
O** 1/2
Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back***
Tortilla Soup***
American Outlaws**
The Deep End*** 1/2
The Others***
Hedwig and the Angry Inch*** 1/2
The Princess Diaries***
Rush Hour 2* 1/2
Planet of the Apes**
Jurassic Park III** 1/2
Divided We Fall*** 1/2
Under the Sand*** 1/2
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider***
Bride of the Wind**
Shadow Magic***
What's the Worst That Could Happen?* 1/2
Pearl Harbor** 1/2
Baise-moi*** 1/2
Angel Eyes**
The Golden Bowl***
Shrek*** 1/2
With a Friend Like Harry***
The Mummy Returns*
The Luzhin Defence***
The Day I Became A Woman*** 1/2
Crocodile Dundee in L.A.**
Josie and the Pussycats***
The Dish*** 1/2
Amores Perros****
Blow** 1/2
Someone Like You***
Me You Them***
Say It Isn't So** 1/2
Series 7, The Contenders*** 1/2
The Widow of Saint-Pierre*** 1/2
When Brendan Met Trudy** 1/2
15 Minutes***
See Spot Run**
Last Resort*** 1/2
Shadow of the Vampire*** 1/2
Bedazzled*** 1/2