A review of “White Chicks” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: *

Rating: PG-13 for crude situations and language

Run Time: 1 hour, 45 minutes



I’m open-minded when it comes to feminist slings and arrows, rude dialogue and tasteless humor (yay Scary Movie!).  But Marlon and Shawn Wayans have finally crossed my line.

Men in drag have been done before (Some Like It Hot, etc.) and been done a hell of a lot better.  Marlon and Shawn are FBI agents Marcus and Kevin Copeland, who land in a heap o’trouble when they confuse a vat of vanilla ice cream for a shipment of cocaine (you had to be there – be glad you weren’t).

Hanging on by a thread, the pair sort-of accidentally agrees to security detail, and this one’s a doozey.  Protect high-society siblings Brittany and Tiffany Wilson (Maitland Ward and Anne Dudek) from a kidnapping threat at a swanky East Hampton socialite’s bash.  The boys botch the job (again) and decide to go undercover as the girls themselves in order to save face and get to the bottom of the sinister kidnap scheme.

The series of sophomoric events that transpire are loosely strung together in comedic sketch fashion rather than the standard sequential plot. Boy dressed as girl fending off the amorous advances of another guy. Suspicious wife hearing female voices and thinking hubby is a cheating son of a bitch.  Need I say more?

  I may have chuckled once (during a particularly frenetic dance competition), but was consistently underwhelmed at the crude racial stereotypes and obligatory potty humor.  Dreadful latex masks render our boys botoxed hags as opposed to rich white society girls.  Paris and Nicole might be amused at the imitation, the sincerest form of flattery. I was not.