A review of “The Prince & Me” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: ***

Rating: PG-13 for mild language and sexuality

Run Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes



What easily could have slipped through the cracks as conventional romantic comedy benefits from charming performances and sizzling lead chemistry.

Julia Stiles delivers her best performance in years as Paige Morgan, a driven Wisconsin-bred college coed with organic chemistry on the brain.  No time for socializing and no entanglements that could derail her hard-fought plans of becoming a doctor.

You know what they say about romance; it finds you when you’re looking the other way.  While Paige is hitting the books, Prince Edvard Dangaard of Denmark (Luke Mably) is taking a break from his staggering responsibilities, going undercover as the consummate everyman in America’s dairyland.  The young heir is next in line as the fifty-first ruler of the oldest monarchy in the world -- what he really needs is to find himself.

He finds himself, all right; finds himself falling for Ms. Morgan in a big way. “Eddie” is not accustomed to the brush-off, nor to critical lab work interfering with his fun. This is what is known as a Situation:  a serious workaholic vs. the world’s most desirable playboy.

The fish out of water concept works like a charm; fraught with cultural misconceptions and burgeoning frustrations. Narrative carries its point all the way to Scandinavia, where square Paige endeavors to fit into a round hole. 

The fitful corny one-liners and ambiguous climax can be overlooked due to fresh scripting and the vast appeal of Stiles and Mably.  Mably is a real find – sweet, polished, and heavy on the charisma.  Stiles, a real-life Columbia student, is no stranger to the plot nuances of university living and loving. The pair throws off sparks galore, offering something to root for until the bitter end.