A review of  The One” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: * 1/2

Rating: PG-13 for violence...

Run Time: 1 hour, 20 minutes


Eighty minutes of dreck for seven snappy minutes of Jet Li going mano-a-mano with himself?  I want more.

Multiverses, black holes, and a skyrocketing body count – allow me to try to make sense of it.  Each individual has a representation of him or herself in many different universes.  Rogue agent Julaw (Li) is assigned to monitor these universes, and things hit the proverbial fan when he begins eliminating versions of himself in alternate realities.  With each version he destroys, he assumes its energy and strength, rendering him super-powerful.  One hundred and twenty three kills later, he’s left with one man standing between himself and his ultimate desire to be The One.

Yawn.  My fourteen-year old daughter could cobble together a better movie in video production class.  Part Jet Li vehicle and part video game, this is a been-there, done-that version of “The Matrix” and other, better, martial arts films.  The script is an embarrassment of B-movie throwaways (“There won’t be one more time for you!”) and the action is borderline childish. Good and evil collide with a less-than-resounding thud.

Li lover that I am, I have to admire the Li-Li climactic fight scene – a semi-intriguing mix of fight styles and editing.  But Li’s personal moments are stilted, and he’s clearly not in command of his characters’ “motivation”.  Carla Gugino wastes her comely talents as the insipid, loving wife who’s 100% behind her man. This is The One to skip.