A review of “The Aristocrats” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: *** 1/2

Rating: Not rated but should be NC-17 for extreme vulgarity

Run Time: 1 hour, 29 minutes



How to describe the most vulgar movie ever made without quoting a single word? “The Aristocrats” is one of a kind cinema, an epic roller-coaster ride of tawdry, pond-scumming filth guaranteed to offend.

And it’s absolutely side-splitting. The premise is simplicity itself, based on the oldest joke in the book, a friend to every comedian on the planet. A family walks into a talent agency and says they have an amazing act. They want representation. When the agent tells them he doesn’t do family gigs because they’re too cute they beg him to take a look at a sample performance.

From there it’s a blank slate where nothing is sacred; incest, bestiality, bloody show, etc. The punch-line is the kicker; the act is called The Aristocrats (you had to be there).

Comedy veterans Paul Provenza and Penn Jillette invited over one hundred of their closest funny friends to weigh in on the joke that perpetually holds a mirror to itself. The results are shocking and extreme, a fanatic descent into a strictly taboo dementia.

Buried in “Aristocrats” smartly edited prose are 20-minutes of the most hilarious obscenities ever put to film. See for yourself but proceed with an open mind.