A review of “Stuck on You” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: ***

Rating: PG-13 for language and adult situations

Run Time: 2 hours



Laughs are center stage in this Farrelly Brothers comedy that lends new meaning to the concept of joined at the hip.

Bob and Walt Tenor (Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear) are conjoined twins who live a productive life in rural Martha’s Vineyard.  Never ones to say die, Bob and Walt played high school football, starred in the boxing ring, and continue to rack up such achievements as playing goal for the local ice hockey league and flipping fast-food burgers at their co-owned greasy spoon.

Walt does a little theater on the side, and dreams of taking his act on the road.  Since their relationship built on support (and how), the brothers find themselves traveling to Hollywood, eager to tackle the bright lights of the big city.

A series of coincidences land Walt (and his permanent sidekick) a gig on the cheesy TV sitcom “Honey and the Beeze” starring a yesterday’s news Cher.  The show becomes an unexpected hit and Walt something of an overnight sensation, until the tabloids get wind of his perennially sticky shadow.

Stuck isn’t your average Farrelly Brothers fare.  Sure, the sibs poke fun at the Tenors’ disability, mocking their predicament while milking the inevitable tasteless jokes. (“He’s a little clingy”). But beyond the gimmicky play on words and a myriad of site gags lies a deep connection between two men who know nothing but togetherness.

A life-altering decision turns the third act into a touching tutorial on love, loneliness, and fractured devotion. Damon and Kinnear manage to hit the right notes and cruise through the more absurd moments, perhaps secure in the fact that a near-and-dear scapegoat is perpetually at hand.