A review of “Premonition” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: **

Rating: PG-13 for language and some violence

Run Time: 1 hour, 37 minutes



For reasons I can’t quite fathom Sandra Bullock has a weakness for confusing thrillers that pit her against supernatural evil. “Premonition” has all the earmarks of a Bullock fave and throws in the ubiquitous stench of time-travel (think “The Lake House”) to boot.

La Sandra is restless wife and mother Linda Hanson, whose husband (Julian McMahon as Jim) may be dallying in more than the stock market. Which is all null and void when a policeman comes to the door to inform her that Jim has been killed in a car wreck.

Linda copes with the shock on autopilot, calling in her mother (Kate Nelligan) for support and rallying the courage to tell her two small daughters that their dad is gone for good.

Until she wakes up the next morning to find Jim in the shower; just another sprawling day in suburbia. And the next morning and the next, in a vicious cycle of bewilderment that frustrates with mounting questions that have no answers.

Somehow Linda finds the strength and improbable resources to piece together a re-shuffled timeline in order to confront her husband’s lover and prevent him from his imminent death. Say what?

Among the characters coming to her aid are a wise but cliché-spouting priest (“appreciate what you have while you have it”) and a mysterious psychiatrist (Peter Stormare) who may or may not have prescribed Lithium during one of Linda’s recent nine-lives.

The action climaxes with a whimper of narrative chaos as director Mennan Yapo (in his English-language feature debut) tries to make sense of Bill Kelly’s suspense-less script. Bullock is the strong suit – eminently watchable – but pacing stutters as she reorganizes her tangled web and dreams of “Miss Congeniality 3”.