A review of “Evelyn” by Jeanne Aufmuth


Stars: ***

Rating: PG for wholesome family entertainment

Run Time: 1 hour, 34 minutes



Pierce Brosnan breaks away from James Bond long enough to portray rough-around-the-edges Desmond Doyle, a working-class Irishman fighting church and state for the right to keep his children. 

 Doyle is a typical Irish toiler; husband, father, craftsman and pub crawler.  His wife chafes under the weight of domestic responsibility and abruptly abandons the family, leaving Desmond alone and their three young bairns doled out to orphanages.  Thus begins an emotional journey of a man at rock bottom, who challenges the Irish courts for custody of his tiny trio with a resilient crew of can-do advocates at his side.

   “Evelyn” has a touch of the TV-movie-of-the-week about it, all folksy predictability and transient emotion. But a winsome performance by 9-year old Sophie Vavasseur (as eldest daughter Evelyn) injects this saccharine weeper with enough raw charm to seal the deal.